In Mexico, we have a large chain of more than 600 distributors as well as 3 retail stores. Our goal is to duplicate the same success we have already begun in Mexico here in the US. We offer various models and styles, including over 40 different colors, patterns and designs that are also available.

Fifteen years ago, the Mexican market of corporate uniforms was mainly focused on blue color clothing and polo shirts. Our founder developed the idea of a different kind of corporate uniform, focused on white colored designs. With this in mind, he designed a business/casual shirt, with a very different quality in garment and high spec´s confection. He began producing and selling about 100/monthly pieces until reaching 70,000/monthly pieces on average in 2011.

For the past nine years, the company has been growing at a compound rate of 25% a year and with a very high ROI. In 2011, the company, which now has a professional administrative team, grew 35%.

We are leaders of the Mexican market. Our headquarters are in Guadalajara, Mexico. Our factory is located near Puebla, Mexico. We are a big company, and there are about 800 people who are directly involved in our manufacturing process. We are now introducing our brand to the US through our Houston facilities.

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