Social Responsibility

Social Awareness We are apart of a great community consisting of more than 800 employees that specializes in manufacturing and design, corporate, retail and distribution. We are environmentally safe and we treat our community with respect by balancing functionality with landscaping, recycling waste material, harvesting rainwater and providing recreational areas. We offer our partners an efficient training and personal motivation program. Our Human Resources department provides incentives, gifts and health checks for employees. There are excellent security measures in place promising our workers are protected and well aware of the procedures to prevent accidents. Donations for staff: in cold weather they are empowered with sweaters and jackets. In hot weather we give away umbrellas. Each year when school starts, we give our employees a useful pack of school goods. They are also given basic food basket products, donations, etc. Number of employees: 600 permanent employees and 100 in management and commercialization.

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Social Responsibility