Why And How We Manufacture

Compared to other companies that manufacture their products in Asia, we manufacture our products in Mexico. This allows us to be different and set apart. There are many advantages to having our products manufactured in Mexico. One of which is that we are closer to our client and we are able to provide a faster shipment time.

We believe we have very competitive prices although our quality is very high. We also can make just about every style in every model with the various fabrics. This is something large distributors are unable to offer.

We care about details; our clothing stitching is impeccable and could be easily verified by looking inside out our garments. We take pride in going the extra mile about details. Our clothing stitching is impeccable and is easily verified by examining our garments. All our clothes are made with a double stitching system allowing high durability shirts. Our manufacturing expertise comes from a family legacy. Manufacturing clothing has been more like a calling, a passion that keep us improving. It’s a lifestyle.

Range of Products

Woven Shirts: Our garments are 100% designed, constructed and finished in Mexico and Latin America specifically for continuous use, displaying and promoting your company’s logo. We offer a wide variety of corporate lines, casual, and special editions.

BIGBANG provides an explosion of colors and designs where good taste and comfort are primarily important. Our high quality products reflect your own corporate values. We are always developing new products and ideas based on the needs of users and the latest trends.

BIGBANG's apparel fabrics are exclusively manufactured using the world's most modern looms, operated by highly skilled personnel. Embroidery and finishing of garments is quality-controlled ensuring each of our garments exceeds industry standards. 

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Why And How We Manufacture